Everyone Meet Jordan Bunniie

When I was on my West Coast Tour I decided to reach out to Jordan Bunniie (instagram: jordanbunniie)
At first I was nervous to reach out, but I am so glad I did.
I picked her up from her apartment in San Diego, and we went to the beach.
My first California beach! Everything was beautiful, and I was so happy I got to experience it with Bunniie.. 
Especially the part of us taking nudies on the beach (unfortunately it was not a nude beach)
We decided to grab some burritos and head back to my hotel to take more photos.
After that whole night, she inspired me, and motivated me to do such more.
Thank you for the amazing evening I got to spend with you Bunniie, I am so happy to have made a friend on the road!
Photographers if you are ever in the SD area, you should definitely work with Bunniie.

Here are some photographs I got to take of this beautiful creature!


DSC06532 DSC06568


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