April 2016 — NOW BOOKING

April 2016 April 12th, Tuesday: Little Rock, Arkansas 1:00-5:00 April 13th, Wednesday: Nashville, Tennessee AFTER 6:00PM April 14th, Thursday: Nashville, Tennessee Morning till 2:00PM April 15th, Friday: Roanoke, VA 2:00-4:00PM April 16th, Saturday: Washington, DC 9:00-11:00AM OR 5:00PM-Whenever April 17th, Sunday: Baltimore  OPEN April 18th, Monday: Philadelphia, PA OPEN April 19, Tuesday: Meet up –…

Tennis Skirt

I’m so excited to announce my NEW never before seen set “Tennis Skirt” will be published next month for my $8 & up pledgers. This set was so much to shoot & was live broadcasted on Periscope. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it. Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/theleilalewis Periscope: theleilalewis

RIP Red Heels

It has come to my attention that I left my left heel in Vegas 🙁 Good thing I shot in them plenty of times before this happened. Check out my set in my favorite Red Heels on Zivity. Red Heels Set Don’t forget to vote, and if you would like a free month trial please…

A vintage feel

“A Vintage Feel” by: Dan Richards is now LIVE on Zivity. To view this lovely 17 digital set, log in to your Zivity account and vote for this set. 🙂 IF you don’t have a membership and would still like to view/vote send me your email for a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL! My email: model_leila_lewis@yahoo.com…

Good Morning, & Drink up

Good Morning, and Drink up! I just posted some teasers from this tasty set. If you are a $5+ pledger you will be able to view them! Check them out here:   https://www.patreon.com/posts/4764573   Photographer: David Zayas Jr Location: Hollywood