West Coast Tour – Last Night

Oh Em Gee you guys! This trip has just been awesome! So sad that tonight is my last night here on this trip.

Where did I leave off….

Right, finally making it to San Diego.

Yesterday was absolutely amazing.. shot with Adam Engle ( did some fetish work ) and the workshop at Anjel Brit place.

Adam and I shot in this awesome Bunny Mask with this huge chair… More of a darker look which came out awesome.

I had three different photographers in the work shop last night.. 1 was a new photographer who is still learning but he is making great progress.. another I did a lot of Cosplay.. Star Treck, Mary Jane, and Poison Ivy.. Way too excited to see how those turned out, and last but not least Artistic Nudes! 🙂

This morning I got up at 5:00AM.. It wasn’t too bad since Texas time it was 7:00 😉 Love when that happens.

Shot in a beautiful green gown in this forest like area with John Attis.. He was amazing to work with! Ladies I highly reccomend!

After that I shot some lifestyle looks in this bad ass shirt with a unicorn saying Thug Life! Lol. Nate Brikholz was amazing!!!!

Now I finally have sometime to relax before my shoot at 7:00PM.. What to do what to do…


I hope everyone is having an awesome Humpday! And again… sorry it has been taking me awhile to update!

Xo Leila



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    1. Oh man! It was awesome! It was a beautiful long green gown.. and of course I was pale as heck because it was 40 degrees outside… but every minute was worth it 😀 I can’t wait to share!!

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