West Coast Tour Day 4

So far this trip has been great and also a little bumpy…


Shot with 3 great photographers.. 2 I have already worked with and 1 who I have never shot with till now.. All 3 shoots went great!! Couldn’t have had a better day in Albuquerque!

Thank you : Veypurrr, Footeprints, and ATDowning


Stayed in Phoenix for 2 nights..

Field of Visual Dreams, Jim Shibley, and Pink-cuffs thank you guys for always making Phoenix so much fun! I can’t wait to come back in February, and work with you guys again!!


Just now made it to San Diego, Cali.. I have a shoot tomorrow with Adam Engle, and a workshop with Anjel Brit.. It will definitely be a busy day. Can’t wait!!

Sorry for not updating on my West Coast Tour as much.. I have been all over the place.

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XO Leila


Selfie w/ Jim Shibley
Selfie w/ Veypurrr