It has been crazy…

Sorry it’s been a few days that I haven’t posted, or got back to any of you guys.

On Thursday when I was driving home, a construction site didn’t clean up after themselves causing me to blow out two of my tires. Luckily, I was only 2 in a half hours away from home and I was fine. A 15 hour drive that turned into 24 hours.. Right after that I headed out to Oklahoma with family to have an early Thanksgiving with my grandma, I mostly stayed off my Social Media to spend time with family since I don’t do that often anymore. So it was really nice.

Finally got back home yesterday, which I mostly caught up on sleep, and watched Pokemon. Lol… I’m about to head out again to New Mexico to pick up my car that was towed.. Hopefully I will have enough time to take it to Discount to get brand new 2 tires, and a rim.. Wish my luck you guys! 😛

Hope everyone has a kickass Monday

Xo Leila


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